Carl A. Miller
Mathematician, NIST Computer Security Division
Fellow, Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science (QuICS)

UMD phone: (301) 405-7367
UMD office: 3100K Atlantic Building

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I am an affiliate faculty of the Mathematics Department and an adjunct in the Computer Science Department and UMIACS.


I work on quantum information processing, a field where a number of different disciplines and styles of thinking converge. My particular focus is on quantum cryptography, where proving the security of new protocols often involves some creative and interesting mathematics. I am interested more generally in applications of higher mathematics to theoretical computer science.


Program Committee Member for QCRYPT 2018, QIP 2016, TQC 2016, QCRYPT 2016.

Local/Scientific Organizing Committee for TQC 2019, TYQI 2016, TYQI 2015.

Organizer of the Quantum Cryptography Reading Group and Math RIT on Quantum Information at the University of Maryland.

Committee Member for the UMD High School Mathematics Competition.

Team Member for the NIST Postquantum Cryptography Project.

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