Carl A. Miller
Mathematician, NIST Computer Security Division
Fellow, Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science (QuICS)

UMD phone: (301) 405-7367
UMD office: 3100K Atlantic Building

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QuICS Profile

I am an affiliate faculty of the Mathematics Department and an adjunct in the Computer Science Department and UMIACS.


I work on quantum information processing, a field where a number of different disciplines and styles of thinking converge. My particular focus is on quantum cryptography, where proving the security of new protocols often involves some creative and interesting mathematics. I am interested more generally in applications of higher mathematics to theoretical computer science.


Co-Leader of the Math RIT on Quantum Information at the University of Maryland.

Program Committee Member for QCRYPT 2018, QIP 2016, TQC 2016, QCRYPT 2016.

Local/Scientific Organizing Committee for TQC 2019, TYQI 2016, TYQI 2015.

Committee Member for the UMD High School Mathematics Competition.

Team Member for the NIST Postquantum Cryptography Project.

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