Reading Group on Quantum Interactive Proofs


This group will study new results on computation with two quantum provers and a classical polynomial-time verifier.  The recent paper “MIP*=RE” showed that, remarkably, the computational power of this setting is essentially unlimited.  Our goal will be to deconstruct some of the tools used in “MIP*=RE” (and its predecessors) and to understand how the paper solves the longstanding Connes embedding problem. 




Our usual meeting time is 4-5pm on Wednesdays.  We will meet roughly once every two weeks (alternating with the quantum cryptography reading group, which is in the same weekly time slot).


Starting March 25th, our meetings will take place online via Zoom.  (See the weblinks in the schedule below.)



Date & Location




Wednesday, Feb. 5, 4-5pm

Iribe 5105

Carl Miller

Organizational meeting


Wednesday, Feb. 19, 4-5pm

Iribe 5105


Carl Miller

Honghao Fu

Quantum correlations and computational complexity classes


Section 1 of “MIP*=RE”

Wednesday, March 4, 4:15-5:15pm

Iribe 5105


Jonathan Rosenberg

Von Neumann algebras

Course notes by Vaughan Jones


V. Capraro 2010

Wednesday, March 25, 4-5pm


Daochen Wang




Yusuf Alnawakhtha

Tsirelson’s problem and the Connes embedding problem



Answer reduction for nonlocal games

Junge 2010

Paper by Tsirelson



Sections 9-10 of “MIP*=RE”

(especially subsections 10.4-10.5)

Wednesday, April 22, 4-5pm


Cem Unsal


Jiaqi Leng

Conditionally linear functions and nonlocal games


Sections 4-5 of “MIP*=RE”



Organizer: Carl Miller