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Math 217 (Linear Algebra)

Section 003

Winter 2008

Schedule of assignments


Carl A. Miller
East Hall 3827
(734) 764-6442

Course Description:

This course is concerned with the theoretical study of linear equations. We will develop enough theory so that some essential problems in linear algebra (with an unlimited number of variables) can be mastered. The central objects of study in this course are matrices, which encode linear information.

Since this course is theoretical, we will devote a fair amount of time to building mathematical vocabulary and looking deeply into how general truths are established. Geometry (for intuition) will also be a key element in the course.


Classes will be held at 2-3pm on every weekday except Thursday. Our classroom is East Hall 1060. My office hours are M 1-2pm, Tu 3-4pm, and F 3-4pm (in East Hall 3827).


The textbook for this course is Linear Algebra and Its Applications by David C. Lay (3rd edition). Please bring the textbook to class every day. The study guide for the textbook is optional.

Homework and Quizzes:

Weekly homework will usually be due on Monday, and I will usually give a quiz on the same material on Tuesday. I don't accept late homeworks and I don't give make-up quizzes; however I will drop your lowest quiz grade and lowest homework grade at the end of the semester.


The dates for the midterm exams are February 12 and March 18. The midterms will be given during class (50 minutes each). The final exam will take place at 1:30-3:30pm on April 21 (location TBA). Calculators and other aids are not permitted on exams.


The grade breakdown for this course is as follows:

5% Quizzes
25% Homework and other written assignments
15% Midterm exam 1
20% Midterm exam 2
35% Final exam